Saturday, January 17, 2015

Colorblocking 2.0

Hi Everyone!
Happy New Year!

Here is my first outfit post of the year!

I will be attending many events in 2015
and can't wait share my outfit pictures with you all!

Today I present to you:
Colorblocking 2.0

I am calling this post Colorblocking 2.0
because I did a similar colorblocked outfit
in the summer of 2013

Check it out below!
(Boy! How Time Flies)

Check out the post for the outfit on the right (HERE)

My whole outfit is from the thrift store
(Can You Imagine? *Nigerian Voice)

Check out my sophisticated thrifted look below:


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fest Africa 2014 x Allen & Fifth

It is Throwback Thursday Right?
Oh How I Miss The Summer Time!

I wore this outfit to Fest Africa back in August of this year
and realized I never did an outfit post (SMH!)

So here it is!
My outfit for Fest Africa 2014

I received alot of compliments on my shirt
Thank You Allen & Fifth for creating an amazing shirt!

I paired the shirt with a skirt I got from the thrift store
and a Billie Jean Bowtie bag that I made!

Pictures from the event coming soon!

Check out the rest of the picture and outfit details below:


Thursday, December 4, 2014


Classy, Timeless, Androgynous & Comfortable

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you
The Suit !

A well-fitted suit will never go out of style. The classic ensemble used to be  strictly for the fellas, but the look has since been established as a staple in the womenswear cannon. 
- Fashion Bomb Daily , Try A Trend Colored Suits
Check out the original post (here)

I have come to the conclusion that I am obsessed with suits

They were my favorite outfits to wear this year
and I got the most compliments when I wore them!

Here are the suits I wore throughout the year!

Check out the original post for each look below: